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La foto di una persona del team che si chiama Davide Mitscheunig

Welcome to RaisingStar®, your compass in the dynamic universe of international business. 

I am Davide Mitscheunig, the founder of RaisingStar®, and my mission is to accompany small and medium-sized Italian businesses in their transformation and growth beyond national borders.

The story of RaisingStar® is the story of my commitment to excellence and innovation, a journey that I want to share with you, to make your business shine on the global scene together.

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My Story and the Birth of RaisingStar®

My career began in Anglo-Saxon companies, where I cultivated profound experience in the management of Human Resources, Sales Management, Marketing & Communication strategies and, more generally, in the digital and technological world.

This path has allowed me to refine a holistic and innovative vision of the entrepreneurial world.

During my years as an International Consultant, I have had the opportunity to explore different sectors, including retail. These experiences have strengthened my belief that small and medium-sized Italian businesses have the potential to stand out and compete on the global stage, breaking away from the confines of the stale national market.

So, I decided to found RaisingStar®: a consultancy company dedicated to guiding Italian businesses on their path to international success. 

My goal is to create a bridge between the exceptional Italian entrepreneurial tradition and the inexhaustible opportunities of the world market. At RaisingStar®, we firmly believe that every business can shine, charting a unique path towards global excellence and innovation.

Our Team: A Synergy of Vision and Expertise

To realize the RaisingStar® project, it was essential to surround myself with people who shared not only my vision of the company, but also those international and technical skills essential for every fundamental aspect of a company. 

Each member of our team was selected for their innovative spirit, global experience and specific skills, ranging from business strategy to IT, marketing to financial management. Together, we form a mosaic of talents, united by a common passion for excellence and the aspiration to lead Italian businesses towards new horizons of success. 

We are more than a team, we are a family of professionals who put the human aspect and relationships at the center, because we believe that it is the beating heart of every successful business. With RaisingStar®, we offer you not only high-level technical skills, but also a global vision, to take your business beyond every border.

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