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Consulting that Transforms: Your Success, Our Mission.

Welcome to the Consulting section of RaisingStar®, where your ambition meets our expertise. In a rapidly changing business world, we offer personalized consultations to elevate every aspect of your business. From strategy to marketing, from human resources to internationalization, our team of experts is here to turn your challenges into opportunities. 

General Strategy

Address business challenges with our general strategic consultancy. At RaisingStar®, we develop targeted strategies, supporting your business' growth and innovation to excel in an ever-changing market.

Human resources

Elevate HR management with RaisingStar®. Our consultancy focuses on optimizing human capital, strengthening corporate culture and promoting the development of a dynamic and productive working environment.


Expand your horizons with our internationalization consultancy. RaisingStar® guides you in accessing new markets, adapting your offering to different cultures and regulations, and opening up new global opportunities.

Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chain with RaisingStar® consultancy. We offer solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve resilience, turning it into a competitive advantage for your business.

Sales management

Enhance your business direction with RaisingStar®. Our consultancy refines sales and marketing strategies, ensuring that every commercial action is aligned with company objectives and market trends.

Marketing & Communication

Renew your approach to marketing and communication with RaisingStar® consultancy. We create customized strategies to amplify your market presence, effectively engage your audience and strengthen your brand.

Business Planning

Realize your corporate future with our Business Planning consultancy. RaisingStar® develops detailed business plans, targeted strategies and feasibility analyzes to guide you towards sustainable success and growth.

Sales Management

"Transform your sales with our sales management consultancy. RaisingStar® guides you in optimizing your sales techniques, improving performance and accelerating the growth of your company."

Brand Positioning

Define your market identity with our Brand Positioning consultancy. RaisingStar® helps distinguish your brand, emphasizing your uniqueness and building a strong and lasting connection with your audience.

Market Analysis

Deepen your understanding of the market with our consultancy. RaisingStar® provides detailed analysis, identifying trends, opportunities and challenges, to guide your business strategies towards success.


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