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Strategic Services: The Road to the Future of Your Business.

Discover our range of Strategic Services at RaisingStar@, where each solution is designed to take your business to the next level. Here, we are committed to turning your visions into tangible reality, offering services ranging from the implementation of commercial strategies to the creation of efficient sales networks. With RaisingStar®, take the first step towards a future of growth and leadership in your industry.

Sales Network Creation

Expand your commercial horizon with our expertise in creating sales networks. RaisingStar® guides you in developing an effective, personalized network to maximize the reach and impact of your sales.

Internationalization path

Your bridge to the global market starts here. With RaisingStar®, the internationalization journey becomes a reality, opening your company to new markets and endless growth opportunities.

Personal Selection

Optimize your team with our support in personnel selection. At RaisingStar®, we identify the ideal talents for your company, ensuring a perfect synergy between skills and corporate culture.

Creation of Marketing Plan & Communication

Define your voice in the market with our marketing and communications plan. RaisingStar® shapes tailored strategies to amplify your presence, attract customers and build a distinctive brand.

Staff training

Transform your team with our staff training. RaisingStar® offers customized programs that enhance skills and motivation, elevating business performance and stimulating professional growth.

Creation of the Commercial Strategy

Revolutionize your commercial vision with RaisingStar®. We develop innovative commercial strategies, aimed at maximizing sales performance and positioning your company as a leader in your sector.


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