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Strategic Services: The Road to the Future of Your Business.

Discover our range of Strategic Services at RaisingStar@, where each solution is designed to take your business to the next level. Here, we are committed to turning your visions into tangible reality, offering services ranging from the implementation of commercial strategies to the creation of efficient sales networks. With RaisingStar®, take the first step towards a future of growth and leadership in your industry.


Materiali e Bioedilizia: in RaisingStar®BuildingSolutions, la nostra divisione 'Costruire' si dedica alla selezione di materiali innovativi e sostenibili, ponendo un forte accento sulla bioedilizia. Comprendiamo l'importanza di utilizzare risorse che non solo rispettano l'ambiente, ma migliorano anche la qualità della vita di chi abiterà gli spazi che realizziamo. La nostra scelta di materiali biocompatibili e tecniche costruttive avanzate riflette il nostro impegno verso un futuro più verde e sostenibile.


In the 'Safety' division of RaisingStar®Building Solutions, we are committed to ensuring maximum safety on construction sites, civil buildings and schools. Our latest generation fall arrest systems effectively protect when working at heights, while our advanced smoke detection systems with radio technology ensure an immediate response in the event of fires. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to safeguard lives and property, making every environment safer for everyone who frequents it


Technology and Energy Efficiency: in the 'Energy' division of RaisingStar®Building Solutions, we are dedicated to the implementation of innovative technologies for energy efficiency and sustainable energy production. In addition to integrating advanced photovoltaic systems and optimized thermal insulation solutions, we also focus on the use of heat pumps and geothermal technologies. These systems represent the future of sustainable energy, offering efficient solutions for heating, cooling and hot water production.


Technology for Everyday Life: in our 'Living' division, RaisingStar®Building Solutions focuses on integrating advanced technologies to improve the quality of everyday life. From intelligent home automation to seamless connectivity, every aspect is designed to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, comfortable and intuitive. We believe that technology should be at the service of people, improving their living experience in every possible way.


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